Thursday, September 1, 2011

Heavenly Connections

The closest thing to heaven is to know and to have someone that can share your joy.

Sharing joy is the most intimate level of heaven on earth.

I watched the last few scenes of the film "Pursuit of Happiness" starring Will Smith. What I saw or experienced in those last few moments of the film gave me a glimpse of heaven on earth.

When his character came out of his successful interview and stood on the street filled with New Yorkers walking by, I was struck by his release, his joy. I felt it. I wanted to be in that crowd, to hug him, to tell him I understood and shared in his joy.

As I watched that scene, I knew if anyone, anyone in that crowd had recognized his moment and empathetically knew what I knew, that they would have thrown their arms around him in celebration. And he would have been so grateful. Grateful in finding the human connection he needed even if it was for a split second. His joy would be even greater had he someone close to his heart to share his joy to its fullest measure.

I marveled that his character conveyed that emotion so well, that I felt the need to tell him - I know. Although he was totally within himself, one touch, one compassionate touch, would have sent the joy exploding out of him. In that moment, human connection is what he wanted and needed so badly. He knew he had to get to the closest person in his life, so he ran to the one person that could accept his joy, his son. And even then his son was too young to share or fully understand his father's hopes, fears, and joy. It felt bittersweet to me.

Isn't that heaven on earth? To find and know that there is someone who shares your joy.

A sister, a dear friend, your mate, your child, your pastor, your co-worker, your mother or father, your teacher, your mentor, to feel that connection of the mutual knowledge of each other's fears, hopes, and dreams.

I am fortunate to have joyful sisters and mother. Women I can rely on to share my joy and to revel in it.

There are those that have no one in which to share their joy. And if you have no one, how much joy can truly be expressed.

Looking for someone to give you joy is hard and frustrating and could be a momentous waste of time. Better to be a little joy in someone else's day. Be the vehicle of joy. Put a flower on someone's desk. Take a friend aside and thank her for her friendship. Take a co-worker aside and tell her you're glad she is on your team. Take your parents aside and tell them you understand them better. Tell your child you like them as a person.

Look for what will make other joyous. And joy will come to you.