Sunday, April 3, 2011

Nature's Healing Power

Imagine the green valleys and of wild flowers swaying in the breeze, the butterflies and bees lighting here and there.

Imagine the mountains, blue and radiant in the sun, rising high above the horizon.

Imagine the green blue waters on a white sand beach. The sound of waves as they rhythmically reach the shore.

Imagine the a lush forest floor, with towering trees, the birdsong above, the quiet wind by your ear.

Listen. Listen.

Feel small,
but not among skyscrapers.

Feel insignificant,
but not among the populace.

Feel like a spec,
but not among society.

Feel small enough,
to be part of the whole.

Feel the awe of the beauty of nature.

Feel the awe of its grandeur,

Feel the awe of its age.

Fill your soul, refresh your heart, and revive your mind.

Be something other than the biological machine producing, engineering, and cranking out the verbs.

Be again in nature. Reintroduce yourself to your primordial ancestral home. Be small and quiet.

Feel the warmth of the sun on your skin, your feet deep in the sand, your hair free in the wind.

Hear your heart sing for joy.

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