Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Home Alone

No one is home…but me.

The cacophony of sound, of movement, of vibration is gone.

Every room once filled to the brim with humanity has space.

Every sound, the clatter of pans, the television blare, the pounding of running feet are no more.

The merging of so many voices, the passion plays, the human anxieties, needs, wants, cries, frustration, and anger. But also the ideas, the planning, the singing, the laughing, and the sounds of play are silenced.

One day, I was given a gift. One never afforded to me before. I was given a choice, to go with them or to be alone.

I was old enough to stay home alone, to be left all alone.

I heard silence for the first time in my waking life. That is when I learned that silence is a blessing. I learned that being alone did not mean loneliness. Sometimes it means freedom.

I found a contentment, a quiet, a balance I had never felt. Gladness touched my heart. The only voice in the room was the one in my head and it was singing a joyful aria.

Just to be alone. Just to BE.

Another sliver of heaven on earth was opened to me.

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