Sunday, March 6, 2011

Too Far Away To Care

I’m too far away to care.

Peace, tranquility, the release, the “I can’t do anything about it” feeling. I’m three thousand miles away. I’m too far away for it to get to me and I’m too far away for me to get to it. It’s no longer an issue, no longer my problem.

Distance has created tranquility, a peace of mind, and freedom to feel the moment.

If ever the phrase “ Let me worry about what I can do now” this is when you feel it to its fullest.

Trips allow the surreal life to take over and my real life to dissipate into nothingness. If I can put an ocean between, even better. Because driving across a continent is not an option. Swimming across a sea is not an option. I can shrug off whatever it is that pulls on me. I'm free. I'm free to be in the moment, completely.

To go to a place so far away to care, I've given myself a little piece of heaven on earth. I can always sit and quietly meditate, breath deeply, and find a way to go back to that time, to revive those memories, where I was too far to care.

Even if it’s just for a few moments.

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